Schedule of Fees*



Shared Hire:

Other users are also free to book and ride the arena at the same time.  For example; casual users, instructors, other clinicians.  Instructors/clinicians are required to use headsets for this reason.

Exclusive Hire:

You reserve full control over who uses the arena for the time booked.  Certain activities are required to book exclusive use for the safety of others, i.e. jumping, carriage driving, games, and any activity where there is a risk to other users.  

Day Hire Options

Shared Indoor Day Hire is aimed as a budget price for clinics where it does not matter if other riders utilise the arena at the same time.  This may include other instructors teaching also.  Just like in a competition warm up.  All coaches must utilise headsets.  

Exclusive Indoor Day Hire includes the use of the amenities and yards. This is mostly aimed for clinics where exclusive use of the indoor is required.

Full Venue Hire also includes the use of the outdoor arena and grass area and is more appropriate for competitions and events.  


For safety reasons, a responsible non riding person must be present at all times.